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Virtual holiday party ideas for work

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Are you getting ready for the holiday season?

The holiday season is fast approaching, and now is the time to start thinking about the next virtual holiday party ideas for your team. Whether you are a multi-national company with locations across the globe or national company with offices across the country, or simply a hybrid office with many workers at home a virtual holiday party may be just what you are looking for. Whether you regularly throw virtual parties or are dipping your toe in the water of the virtual holiday party world, we can help.

What are virtual holiday party games?

Virtual Christmas parties come in all shapes and sizes, from light-hearted Christmas bingo to high-scale festivities. Virtual holiday parties have become more and more popular in recent years, and nowadays you will be able to find the perfect virtual holiday party idea for your company. Virtual holiday parties simply take all the classic holiday party games and adapt them for the virtual world. Many classic games work extremely well in a virtual format, the choice will be down to you!

Why choose a virtual holiday party over an in-person event?

There were times when companies would fly their managers into a central location to enjoy time together, such as during the holiday season. However, for many companies, this is simply not an option, as the cost and complexities of such events more than outweigh any benefits. Many forward-thinking companies are looking for ways to improve their ESG, Environmental, Social, and Governance, position. From an environmental point of view, flying people across the country or the world, for non-essential reasons is wasteful and unnecessary. In the aftermath of the pandemic more and more companies have embraced hybrid working, with remote employees, so a virtual holiday party is a natural successor to the everyday working environment for so many of us. Often, companies find that there is a far bigger uptake for a virtual holiday party than an in-person event. Many people have busy and complex lives, but popping onto a zoom (or similar platform) meeting, or video call for an hour or so, is relatively easy to accomplish, when compared to trailing across the country in the dark to some unknown venue, with a dubious festive decor. It is easy to see why virtual holiday parties are proving so popular with many leading companies.

Some of the best virtual holiday party ideas

There are literally hundreds of fantastic virtual holiday party ideas to choose from. If you are tasked with organising this year's virtual holiday party it is worth having a look around at some of the great virtual party ideas around. As ever, it is prudent to consider which party guests will be attending your virtual party. A group of senior managers from across the country will expect a different type of virtual holiday party, from the admin team at the local office. Consider the age range, and seniority level of the employees that will be attending your online holiday parties, and choose the best virtual holiday party accordingly. You may have an easy steer if your company loves a quiz night, a sing-along, or perhaps everyone enjoys cooking. There are some great virtual holiday party ideas such as a virtual event quiz in the holiday spirit, a gingerbread bake-off combined with a hot chocolate tasting party, or a group sing-along of holiday songs or Christmas carols. However, if you are looking for virtual holiday party ideas that are on the next level, then there is no better online Christmas party than a virtual murder mystery.

Three of the best murder mysteries for a virtual Christmas party

At Two Kings Events, we have an extensive range of virtual murder mysteries that have been expertly written to provide intrigue, entertainment, and excitement. All of our virtual events are delivered by highly trained British actors so that you are instantly immersed in the world of your chosen murder mystery. From our veritable library of mystery, we have picked out the three best murder mysteries for a virtual holiday party, so read on, and see which one will give you a virtual holiday party to remember...

A Christmas Eve murder...

A Christmas Eve murder set in the aptly named Skellington Hall, what's not to love? Imagine... it's England just after the war, and the grounds surrounding the ancient country house of Lord Skellington are crunchy with frost. You can see your breath in front of your face, as the guests arrive for Lord Skellington's annual Christmas Eve Ball. Imagine the swish of skirts, the stamping of gentlemen's boots, that slowly building murmur of excited chat, of long-lost friends, and half-forgotten faces from the past...and then, with shock and horror, a murder...

Fortunately, your team is on hand to help solve the murder, with careful clues, considered discussions, and deep insights, you could solve the murder at Skellington Hall. Was it the butler (it’s always the butler…) with his deadpan face, or maybe a shady character emerging from the past? Will you manage to see behind the lies, the intrigue, and the scandal to reveal the truth, the murderer in your midst...who knows?

Travel back in time to Dickensian London

London. Dickensian London, the London of soot and squalor, of markets and mayhem, of chaos and crowds. The London of the infamous Ebenezer Scrooge of Dickens' Christmas story, renowned for his hatred of Christmas and lack of holiday cheer. But then a murder, the body of Jacob Marley is found in the counting-house that he shared with Ebenezer Scrooge...

How will you reveal the clues? How will you investigate? Peeling back the layers as we hurtle back through time, seeking the answers that lie in riddles across the floor of the counting-house. Beware the fog of London's past, beware of it creeping in, and preventing you from seeing the shocking truth at the centre of the mystery of "Who Killed Jacob Marley?"

Or choose a murder that everyone can enjoy...

We are all different, from different countries, religions, and beliefs. For a holiday party that everyone can enjoy we have Murder on Candy Cane Lane. All of the fun of the chase, the thrill of the clues, that "ah-ha" moment as the penny drops, but with no affinity with a certain religion, or festive celebration. This is a murder for everyone...

How will you investigate? Are you methodical and thoughtful? Or are you intuitive and reactive? Do you ponder, or pounce? Deliberate or dive-in? Who knows? But you will soon find out...Work with your team to delve deeper, look beyond the obvious and discover the killer at the heart of the Murder on Candy Cane Lane.

How to choose the best virtual holiday party for your company

It can be hard to choose the best virtual holiday party for your team. This is why we have given you an insight into our three most popular choices for a virtual holiday party. These murder mysteries provide a fantastic virtual party experience for your team. We appreciate that all companies are different, and what may appeal to one as a virtual holiday party will not be a good fit for another. Murder on Candy Cane Lane is an ideal choice for multi-national companies where religious festivals may be different, and a non-secular choice may be the best fit for your employees. If your employees do predominantly celebrate Christmas then either Murder at Skellington Hall or Who Killed Jacob Marley? will be a good choice. If you are still undecided on the best virtual holiday party for your team, speak to our friendly and helpful team who will help you to choose the best company holiday party for you.

Why choose Two Kings Events?

The team at Two Kings Events are trained, professional British actors. They will immerse you in the world in which the murder is set. From mannerisms to costumes, accents to backdrops, you will be living and breathing in your virtual holiday event, you will be a guest arriving at Skellington Hall, a Londoner fighting through the fog to discover who killed Jacob Marley, or an onlooker in Candy Cane Lane. Combined with this high level of professional acting, our team can motivate and incorporate each person from your virtual holiday party into the action. Some people can find participating in an online holiday party difficult, but the structure of our murder mysteries is such, that it enables everyone to get involved and feel included. Our team will assist you throughout the virtual event and ensure that everybody in your team has a fantastic time at your online holiday party.

How do I book?

We are booking up quickly for the virtual holiday party season. So, make sure that you aren't disappointed, and contact us today to book your virtual Christmas party event. Call us at 00447907496782 or email to make sure that your company is full of holiday spirit!

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