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10 reasons why team building is important for your company

How team building benefits businesses.

Team building is an incredible tool to unlock the potential within your teams and can lead to increased collaboration, productivity, and a positive working environment. Don’t miss out on this fantastic resource for your business, but instead read on to discover why you should book your team building event today.


1.      Get to know your team

In today’s world, where many of your team members may be working from home, or in a hybrid pattern, it can be hard to get to know your team members. Spending time with your team, outside of the workplace, allows you to get to know your team.


2.      Increased communication

Virtual events, such as our murder mysteries, help to improve communication. Working together to solve a murder will help to improve communication, which will later reflect in working together to solve a business dilemma. Giving people the chance to learn to communicate with each other in a lower-pressure environment, is incredibly helpful.


3.      Increase trust and understanding

Doing something different with your colleagues allows you to see them differently. You may come to understand how they tick, and in turn, this may make us more accepting and trusting of people. The more we understand and trust our colleagues, the better we will work together in collaboration.


4.      Improve team performance

The better your team knows each other, the better they communicate, and the more that they understand and trust one another, the better they will work together as a team. Team building, such as virtual murder mystery events can be extremely useful, especially where you have a team who are not working well together. Giving them a new environment, without the pressures of work, can enable them to rebuild their working relationship for a more positive and harmonious outcome.


5.      Give your employees something to look forward to

You don’t want your employees to just look forward to the weekends. Giving them enjoyable activities at regular intervals throughout the year gives your teams something to look forward to. This is good for all of us, we all gain value from having enjoyable events or occasions to look forward to.


6.      Unlock leadership potential

Good managers are always on the lookout for potential leaders within their employees. However, it can be difficult to spot these skills, especially as many very skilled people aren’t necessarily the loudest in the room! Watching your team work on different challenges, without the normal workplace pressures, will give you the chance to spot talent. It can often be the people that you least expect who flourish, revealing skills that you didn’t realise they had. Seeing people in another light can be extremely useful when considering progressing your employees up through your company.


7.      Improve relationships across departments

It is not only teams that benefit from learning to work better together, but also departments. Some departments are notorious for clashing, such as sales and marketing, and encouraging them to work together can have incredible benefits for your company. Improving the relationship between departments in a non-work environment removes some of the stressors, and allows better communication and understanding between individuals. These improved relationships will positively impact how the departments work together.


8.      Show employees appreciation

Everyone wants to be appreciated. However you choose to thank your employees, it is important to do so. Arranging events, such as virtual murder mysteries, shows your employees that you do appreciate the work that they do, and that you value them as individuals.


9.      Endorse your company values

As a modern and professional business, you will ensure that you hold to your company values. Part of your company values may be how you reward your staff, beyond their paycheck. If your company values state that you provide extra benefits to staff, you must be able to lay out what this looks like. Many potential employees will turn down a job if they do not feel that the company values reflect their own ethos, so showing how you actively endorse your company values is an essential part of the recruitment process.


10.  Improve employee engagement

Happy employees work harder. Unhappy employees disengage from their work, their productivity falls, and ultimately they leave. Recruitment is always more expensive than retention, so anything that helps to increase your employee retention and engagement is good for your business.


Book your next team building event today!

If you want to improve your teams and benefit your business, then book your virtual murder mystery today. Our events are designed to be enjoyed by teams from across multiple locations, so that whoever you need to bring together, we can help. Check out availability through our handy online booking form or simply email or call us on +447907496782 to discuss your next virtual team building event. 

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