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Murder! at the Manor: a glimpse inside

Murder mysteries for your next event.

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned murder mystery? With intrigue and interest, curiosity and clues, the plot drawing you in, and pulling you deeper into a world with haunting shadows and mysterious noises… Here at Two Kings Events, we love murder mysteries, and we really enjoy sharing them with others. With our well-written scripts, professional actors, historically accurate costumes, and excellent event management, the team at Two Kings Events are here to bring your next event to life.


Why choose a virtual murder mystery?

Murder mysteries have been around for many years, and have always been a popular choice, for both corporate and private events. With the explosion of virtual events during the pandemic, there has been a huge rise in the number of virtual events on offer. A virtual murder mystery has many benefits over a conventional in-person event.

Virtual events allow us to connect people together from around the world, without incurring huge ecological and economical costs. The sheer organisation required to bring people physically together can be a huge barrier and often acts as a deterrent, whereas the organisation for a virtual event is much more simple.

We are experienced at hosting virtual events that bring people together across time zones. Whether you have offices in different countries or family scattered across the globe, a virtual event is an easy and accessible way to bring people together. Even where people aren’t geographically that far apart, organising in-person events can still be complicated. A virtual event ties in nicely with people’s busy lives and gives them a stress-free event, that they can enjoy.


Take a glimpse inside the Manor…

1920s England… a time full of smoky Jazz clubs, flapper dresses, Bright Young Things, and the Great Gatsby. It was the era of hedonism, of partying 'til dawn, and here in this sleepy village of Skellington – murder. Lord Falconer, lord of the Manor, is found dead, apparently by his own gun. A classic English Country House Whodunnit, complete with a perfect cast list, from a scullery maid to a vicar, and all the characters that you would expect. Murder! at the Manor is one of our most popular virtual murder mysteries, and it is easy to see why.

Examine the evidence, consider the clues, and interrogate the suspects. The whole story is laid out before you, but can you see through the twists and turns, the lies and the half-truth, and can you uncover the shocking truth that lies nestled in this quiet English village? Our experienced hosts will ensure that everyone in your party will have a rip-roaring time in the 1920s. With breakout rooms to discover clues, and chances to cross-examine suspects, will you manage to uncover the truth?


Why choose Two Kings Events?

There are many companies offering virtual events, such as murder mysteries, so what sets us apart? Two Kings Events was founded by a professional British acting duo, and the entire cast is played by professional British actors. We know that it is easy to become disengaged during online events, so it is even more important that the quality of the script, acting, and running of the murder mystery grabs you right from the start.

Good acting can pull you into another world, away from your cosy sitting room, with your laptop, and transport you to another era, to 1920s rural England. Our beautifully crafted scripts are filled with hints and red herrings, and our costumes reflect the era and setting of a country house; from scullery maids to sergeants, our actors breathe life into every character. There is a whole world of mystery just waiting for you.

We work with many companies and private individuals around the world, helping to connect people through virtual events. We can work across different time zones and arrange all events to suit your schedules. We pride ourselves on the quality of events that we host, and the level of service that we offer. It is easy to see why many companies use Two Kings Events on a regular basis to offer virtual events to their employees.


Book your next virtual event today! 

If you are looking for a virtual event, why not book a murder mystery with the team at Two Kings Events? Whether you are looking for a series of team-building corporate events, connecting offices across different geographical locations, or want to give your friend a fun and memorable birthday party, we have an event that will suit you. For an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective event, head to our handy online booking form.

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